Miguel Ortega

My basketball passion was consecrated at age 16 when a radio offered me to take part in a program. That year and the following ones, I dedicated it to narrate the matches of C.B. Granada live, when the team competed in ACB. Before turning eighteen, I debuted with my own program on a local radio. In 2014, I was radio commentator at FCB Granada while they are competing in LEB Plata, which is the third Spanish division, even getting to travel with the team.

That season would be useful to me to make friends with many players and league technicians, as well as being deeply in contact with FEB leagues. In 2016, after many years working in the basketball media communicators, I decided to create my own Podcast which is the first that talks in its entirety about LEB Plata league: Hablando en Plata.

On the other hand, I have always tried professionally to be worry about players who have not had a good performance, try to encourage them to keep fighting and motivate them to strive for being better each day. In my opinion it is really important that they feel supported and let them know that if they need it, they can count on me.

In 2018, Miguel Ortega signed with Free Agency Basketball as an European Scout.

– Sportscaster

– Speaker

– Coach assistant

– Attic

– Computer programmer

Miguel Ortega